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From Traditional to Modern ...

Expanding on the traditional windows and large panels, The Fool makes a wide variety of stained glass products - lamps, lanterns, candle holders, panels, ornaments,  the list goes on.  

Incorporating a variety of techniques - Copper Foil, Lead, or Mosaic, with painting, enameling, overlay or other embellishments, every custom piece is designed with your involvement.


One-of-a-kind, Limited Editions, or "Stock" ...

Custom pieces are usually one-of-a-kind, and are not duplicated without client permission.  Limited Editions are a great way for your organization to offer a unique fundraising event, or to commemorate a special occasion.  "Stock" pieces are simply popular designs that have no limits or restrictions. (Ornaments are a great example of "stock" pieces.)


Let's work together to find that special bit of color for your world.

Where do we start? Just about anywhere!

- Design period? (Art deco, modern)

- Something physical? (compliment the new sink)

- Something already drawn? (copy a tattoo)

- Something new? (here are some ideas. draw it!)

- Something old? (do you need a repair?)

Let's start the conversation!

Current Fundraising Campaigns

Jersey Pinelands Curling Club


This design comes in a variety of sizes, (ornament, small sun catcher, large sun catcher) and can be purchased directly from our ETSY site.   Instructions for personalizing is included on that page.

The Jersey Pinelands Curling Club will receive a portion of the sales price for each piece sold.

The Airedale Rescue Society of Scotland


This piece is being offered to help raise funds to erect a memorial in Scotland to honor the sacrifice and devotion to duty exhibited by the Airedales during WW I.  This piece come with a certificate describing the fund raising effort.

The Rescue Society will receive a portion of the sales price for each piece sold to be used in the construction of the memorial.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America


This large sun catcher was used as a part of the table decorations during the 2017 Annual dinner meeting of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America.  These are numbered, and come with a certificate.  This edition is limited to 40 pieces.

The Club will receive a portion of the sales price for each piece sold.

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We love our customers, and welcome visitors who call to arrange an appointment.  The Fool has a day job, so studio hours are a bit unpredictable.

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