Design & Technique

Copper Foil

This is the technique invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany (yes, that Tiffany) and is ideal for the types of projects that happen most frequently in The Fool's studio.  

Copper foil allows me to use very small pieces of glass to create detail and precision in your deigns that could be lost in a leaded panel.

Lead Work

When most people hear "Stained Glass," leaded panels - church windows - are usually what come first to mind.  

I am experienced in this technique, and love the rich patina that the lead takes on during the final steps of construction.


Did someone say "little bits of glass"?  

Mosaic work lets me add detail through the use of tiny snippets of glass to create a detailed picture.  This technique can also result in a finished piece without grout or solder lines through the use of specialized glues.