Designs and Ideas

Stained glass isn't just for church windows any more.  

Window panels, smaller "sun catcher", ornaments -- all sorts of "flat" things are the first things that usually come to mind.

That's followed by lamps, and I've expanded on the "lighting" category with lanterns, candle holders, light boxes and other ways to bring light into your space.

And then there are all of the other interesting uses for glass - pencil holders, business card holders, trays and more!

Check out the sections below and then get in touch with me to design your own special project.


Panels & Sun Catchers

"The Flat Stuff".  From an 8" sun catcher to a 48" window, we can design nearly anything you would like to have to add color and texture to your world.  


Ornaments are really just little panels - and they're not just for those winter holidays. I separate them here for two reasons... first, they're generally less expensive, and second, they're not as "one-of-a-kind" as the panels.  Most ornaments are "open edition" and always available.


In addition to the traditional "Tiffany" lamps, I can help brighten your world with candle holders, fan lamps, column lamps, lanterns ... electric, battery, or candle  - pick your favorite!


This is the "everything else" category.  Business Card Holders.  Urns.  Trays.  Mezzuzah.  Pencil Holders.   

I guess I could have called it "3-D Things"  - so help me come up with a better title while we design your special piece.