Who Are The Fools?

The Fool

I can't sit and do "Nothing" -  as a result, I'm always doing "something".  I enjoy the entire process, designing, glass selection, cutting, assembly, and finishing, but get the greatest joy from watching someone's face when they see their glass treasure for the first time.

The Other Fool

Shipping & Receiving.  Show setups & tear downs. Studio assistant, dog walker, & dinner preparer.  He's simply the all around #1 support for the company... and The Fool.

The Fool's Inspiration

The inspiration.  Quincy, Ciara, and Duffy are Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.  All are rescues, and none are permitted in the studio.  They do, however inspire many of the Wheaten Terrier designs.

Why "The Fool"?

I've always been unable to sit still.  I seem to need to be doing something - drawing, beaded jewelry, sketching, chain maille, and now stained glass.

Before The Fool's Glass, I operated as "A Beadin' Fool".  I figured I was a fool if I thought I'd make much money with the beaded jewelry, and I soon realized that wasn't really the right path for me.  I loved the beads, but the jewelry wasn't my niche.  Next came chain maille.  I love that, and still put pliers to ring now and then to make a bracelet but, dang! sterling silver is expensive!

And then a friend said "want to take a stained glass class with me?"  And that's all it took.  So when it came time to branch out to sell my glass (we ran out of windows at the house), I figured that I'm still The Fool, so it's The Fool's Glass.