Fundraising Partnerships

Give your organization a new avenue to raise funds!

I can work with your organization to design a custom piece of stained glass that can help bring some extra funds to your organization.

Get your organization's name out there!

Once the piece has been designed, we will split the advertising responsibilities.  I will advertise your piece here (on the home page), The Fool's Glass Facebook page, and through my Etsy store.

You will be able to advertise through your normal channels - we will share the rights to the photographs.

What sorts of things can we do?

Panels, ornaments, lanterns, you name it!  

Do  you want to celebrate something in particular?  For example, the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Ireland had both a panel and an ornament for their 80th anniversary year (2017). That was a limited, numbered edition, and I will never make that particular design again.

Or, like the Jersey Pinelands Curling Club, do you just want an ornament that will always be available - an open edition?  

What's in it for my organization?

Your group will receive a percentage of the sales price for each item.  We normally wait until a number of pieces have been sold to do a payout - but that's something we can discuss during the set-up phase.

How do we get started?

Click the "Talk to me" button below.  During our conversations we'll finalize designs, editions, prices, and contributions.