Jersey Pinelands Curling Club


Even though The Fool's Glass takes a lot of my time, I do get out of the studio once in a while.  One of my favorite places to escape to is onto the ice with the Jersey Pinelands Curling Club.

We share the ice in a hockey arena, and would love to eventually have a home to call our own ... "dedicated ice."  The purpose of this fundraiser is to help the club both with immediate expenses, as well as to help the club towards that goal of its own ice.

This is an open offer - no time limit.  For each ornament or sun catcher, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the club.  Not only are you getting a unique piece to recognize your interest in curling, the Club will receive funds towards their goals.  Take a look at the order form - you'll find options for personalization (color, size) on there - order a handful for YOUR curling club!  

These pieces can be ordered through my Etsy store - click the button and be directed there.  Once there, you'll see that these are also available in different sizes - ornaments, as well as sun catchers.

The picture posted to the left is the prototype piece.  As with any handmade stained glass, there will be variations between each finished piece.